Pano Cru - portuguese brand


The brand

Pano Cru (meaning natural/unbleached fabric) is a Portuguese trade mark created to offer quality fabric shopping bags, with a good design, as an environment friendly alternative.

Each time you use a Pano Cru shopping bag instead of a plastic one, you are preserving the environment.

The brand has environment motivations, but is connected to the idea of creating products with functional and aesthetic characteristics worth by itself. This means that, besides promoting eco-friendly behaviours, is important for Pano Cru that people who buy its bags, acquire a product with quality, functionality, reusable and with a good design.

Our goals

  • to use only eco-friendly materials.
  • to minimise waste and negative environment impact caused by its activity.
  • to place in the market nothing but quality reusable products, with a good design and functionality.
  • to pay the fair price for the supplied products and services.
  • to charge a fair price for its products.
  • to have business partners with economic, social and environment responsibility.
  • to support portuguese production.
  • to promote fair employment opportunities.
  • to promote eco-friendly behaviors through its products and information.

Our mission

To create useful, reusable and eco-friendly bags perceived as a nice accessory that people enjoy to use, increasing awareness and behaviour towards environment protection.

Our vision

To be recognised as a high quality, innovative and good taste brand, being a reference for the clients and the market.

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