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Site development

Pano Cru thanks to José Sebrosa, who offered all the development work of this website, and to Arte Numérica, who provides the hosting services. Without their generous contribution Pano Cru web site wouldn't be available so soon.


Pano Cru thanks to all who contributed to the development of open software. This site was developed in a Kubuntu/GNU Linux system. The images were produced using The GIMP. The web pages were sketched with the help of OpenOffice.org and coded using the editor GNU Emacs, with the help of a preprocessing text system developed in Python and tested using the browser Mozilla Firefox with the addons Web Developer and Firebug. The site is served by the Apache web server running on a system Debian/GNU Linux.

Most of the photos used in this website

Pano Cru thanks to all the photographers that gently allowed us to use their beautiful photos. Without them Pano Cru website would definitely be poorer:

  • Asif Akdar - Índia
  • Benedek István - Hungria
  • Brandon Blinkenberg - EUA
  • Cristiano Rato - Portugal
  • Daniel Clarke - RU
  • Héctor Landaeta - Venezuela
  • Jade Colley - Austrália
  • Joakim Buchwald - Dinamarca

Pano Cru font

Pano Cru thanks to Brian Kent, who developed the font used by the brand.

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