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Find out Pano Cru shopping bags!

We are developing our offer with bags exclusively made of eco-friendly raw materials: organic cotton and jute.

Each time you use a Pano Cru's shopping bag instead of a plastic one, you are preserving the environment.

Say no to plastic bags. Think!

We launch new models frequently.
Contact us if you wish to know when.



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Did you know that...

... one of the biggest environment problems society is dealing with is the enormous quantity of plastic shopping bags shops offer everyday


... 500 billion plastic bags are used every year taking around 500 years to decompose


... in Ireland the 0,15€ tax on plastic bags decreased its consumption in more than 90%. This tax, exists since 2002


... in China is forbidden to offer free plastic bags since 1st June 2008

    Contract no. EMB/0012360

Last update: September 6th 2010

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