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5 suggestions on how to reduce the consumption of plastic bags

  1. Always carry a folded cotton bag inside your handbag/ car. If you need to make an unplanned buy, you will be prepared for it.
    Pano Cru shopping bags are very easy to fold, are nicer and stronger and can take more products than the ordinary plastic shopping bags.
  2. At home, after unpacking your groceries, fold your cotton shopping bags and keep them in a place easy to remind of before you leave on your next walk to the shop. If you use your car whenever you go shopping keep the bags in the car.
  3. In the shop, whenever you use plastic bags to carry fruit and vegetables, always use the same bag for several products as much as possible.
  4. At home, after unpacking your groceries, don't through away those plastic bags. If they are still reusable, fold and keep them along with Pano Cru shopping bags and reuse them next time you go shopping. The ones that aren't reusable put into the yellow recycling bin.
  5. Next time you go shopping, put all your bags, including the plastic ones (for vegetables and fruit), inside one of Pano Cru's shopping bags. Show off your eco-friendly shopping bags and be an example to others.

While reducing your plastic bags consumption, you are:

  • reducing the greenhouse gas emissions, caused by plastic bags production;
  • reducing non organic rubbish. Plastic bags can take 100, 200, ... years to decompose and still they are toxic to the environment;
  • reducing the negative impact on animal life; Many sea animals suffocate when mistaking plastic bags for food (jellyfish);
  • reducing the problems in waterways and water treatment;
  • ...

The environment thanks you as well as the coming generations!

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